Lawmakers in Springfield will be taking action on a large number of issues that impact chiropractic.  In the event that we need direct action taken by our physicians, we will send out notification via email.  If you have any questions or concerns with any of these bills, please contact Rob French at 1-800-424-0121 or

HB 1193 would limit health insurance companies on how long from the date of payment they may go back to seek a refund of payments made for health care services.  Currently, in Illinois there is no time limit for insurance companies demanding money back from health care providers for services which have already been approved and paid.  The ICS has assembled a coalition of over 20 other groups, and we are actively seeking resolution to this issue this year.

The Department of Professional Regulation recently discovered a ruling that “any inhaled oxygen is a prescription drug.”  This has resulted in over thirty chiropractic physicians being brought before the disciplinary board for using devices like hyperbaric chambers.  The ICS has drafted SB1843 to correct this issue and was able to get agreement from both the Illinois State Medical Society and the Department on the oxygen issue.

Medical Practice Act Extension:
SB1540 and SB1388 (HB214 failed to get out of committee) extends the expiration of the Medical Practice Act by 10 years (January 1, 2021).  There is a belief that SB1388 will be the vehicle for a Department’s “clean-up” of the Medical Practice Act.  That means we can expect this bill to also contains language regarding medical discipline, physician on-line profiles, and the sex offense legislation (below).

Sex Offense Legislation:
A number of bills regarding the handling of sex offenses by health care providers were moving this year.  Some immediately suspended a license on the mere accusation of an offense; we, instead, supported legislation that revoked a license upon conviction.  HB220, SB1762, and HB1271 all reflect this change.

Interventional Pain:
SB140 intended to prevent Nurse Anesthetists from doing the work of an Anesthesiologist, but instead it would have prevented DC’s from diagnosing and treating chronic pain.  Later versions potentially classified breaking the skin (e.g. acupuncture or blood draws) and electrical stimulation as surgical.  The ICS worked with the sponsor and drafters to exempt chiropractic physicians from the requirements of this bill.  In the end, it was defeated.

State Based Exchanges:
Committees are being formed to outline Illinois’ implementation of the new national health care law, yet none of these committees called for any health care provider input.  This bears repeating – none of the legislation introduced utilized language that sought the input of health care providers.  The Department of Insurance has accepted many of the ICS’ suggestions regarding the inclusion of five providers on these panels among other measures. A special thank you to Dr. John Panopoulos (Chicago) for his time and assistance in this matter.

Workers Compensation:
Although a few bills have been introduced already, the bill to look out for will be the result of ongoing talks between House and Senate leadership, as well as the Governor’s office.  The ICS has teamed up with everyone from the Trial Lawyers to the Medical Society to work on this issue and we will keep our members informed as the situation progresses.  Make no mistake, we are as involved as all other special interest groups in work comp reform.

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