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Inauguration Day

Today will mark the end of the “lame duck” session and the beginning of the 98th General Assembly where all the legislators we voted in last November will officially take office.   The Statehouse had an ambitious lame duck agenda, which was not quite as productive as many had hoped.  They stalled the vote to increase licensure fees for DC’s, DO’s and MD’s; pension reform was punted to the next session; gay marriage was a few votes shy; and gun and ammo bans went nowhere. The drivers’ licenses bill for immigrants actually did pass yesterday however.

Each session of the General Assembly is two years (matching the two-year terms of our House members).  For those of you who like numbers: there were 10,204 bills and 2,705 resolutions introduced in the 97th General Assembly.  And today the ICS looks forward to reviewing the next 10,000 bills that will come out in 98th Session.

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