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ASHN Meeting in California


Please excuse any typos, sent from my phone…

The American Specialty Health (ASH) has implemented a Professional Affairs Healthcare Advisory Committee (PAHAC) that includes representatives from professional societies (such as the ICS) and practicing practitioners. Dr Joseph Ferstl has been our volunteer presence on this committee for a while, but I’m filling in for him on this particular trip. Myself and 22 others representing a number of groups from New York to Washington state, have come together to address a number of issues over here in California. Some of the topics are discussing today: Inconsistencies between the the DC’s remittance advice and the patient’s EOB. Reevaluation of evidence based techniques. Informed consent clinical practice guidelines. ASH clinical tiered process. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the impact on the chiropractic community. Reimbursement rates were also an ever-present concern as well. We are doing our best to make sure our doctors concerns and views are represented at the Statehouse and beyond.

On a final note, I’d like to thank Dr. John Panapoulos for sitting in on the most recent Essential Health Benefits conference call while I was on a my plane. Illinois has made its selection for our state benchmark plan. This will have to be approved by the feds still, but to give my thumbs a break I will simply leave you this link: Illinois Sets Benchmark For Health Coverage

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