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Letter: ‘Cut’ proves costly to state

The following was submitted as a Letter to the Editor by an ICS Member…

This past July, the budget cuts for the state of Illinois went into effect, cutting a grant total of one-half of 1 percent of the budget. Among these cuts was the elimination of adult coverage for certain Medicaid services, among which was chiropractic care.

Recently, an adult Medicaid patient  who I had been treating on and off over the years for a chronic low back condition brought on by lifting came to my office. He reported that since Medicaid did not pay the $8 fee for chiropractic treatment, he went to his M.D., where it would pay.

The M.D. did an exam, took a series of X-rays, did an MRI, gave him some drugs and sent him to physical therapy. After several treatments costing the Medicaid system well in excess of $1,000, the man reported, in his case, it did him little good. He decided to come back to us and pay out of his pocket for a treatment he knows works for his lower back condition.

If my math is correct, the state paid hundreds of times more for this man’s care. This is not an isolated case. It happens scores of times every day in offices throughout the state.

I am not bemoaning that our practice no longer receives the $8 office visit from Medicaid patients. It makes little difference in our bottom line. I do bemoan that the legislature is more concerned about looking good than trimming the budget.

No wonder we are in the worst financial condition of any state.

— Dr. Don Selvidge, Mattoon


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