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Indicted Rep. Smith could be expelled from House in August

Speaker Michael Madigan notified House members Friday that the chamber will convene Aug. 17. He told them to expect their work to be finished the same day.

Some (such as the Governor) had hoped that legislators might try and tackle the remaining pension reform issue, but aside from being a political minefield, Senate President Cullerton already said that he didn’t see any reason for his members to meet on the issue.  Rumor has it that since the Senate has already passed a pension reform bill they’re just going to leave that bill for the House to work from.

It is expected that the House will deal with the indicted Representative Derrick Smith on that day. Two panels have already met, the first to determine cause for concern and the second to recommend expulsion. For those who are not familiar with the situation, Rep. Smith accepted a $7,000 bribe from a “day care” in a Federal sting operation.

I’m starting to feel that Illinois should hang a sign that shows a daily count of “It has been ___ days since we’ve arrested one of our state officials.”  It’s about the small victories, you know?

Chicago Sun Times Article
The Chicagoist

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