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Affordable Care Act Upheld!

This morning the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) has been largely upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States.  We have been reading opinions and articles, and answering phone calls since the ruling came out. The question that we keep receiving is “How will this impact chiropractic?”

The opinion itself is 193 pages, and we are currently reading through it.  This also involves an extensive amount of cross-referencing with the thousand page Affordable Care Act as well as existing state and federal statutes. As a quick, at first glance analysis, it doesn’t look like it should impact chiropractic physicians any differently than any other physicians in Illinois.  More over, with the Act being upheld, it also maintains the non-discrimination language for providers.  It is believed that this language will help provide parity for chiropractic physicians in Illinois by mandating equality among provider types operating within their scope of practice.

As far as the decision is concerned, it was determined that the insurance mandate is constitutional due to a classification as a taxable criteria.  It isn’t illegal to be without health insurance, but those who elect to go without coverage must pay an additional tax.  For those who want more information I’ve compiled a few links below:

It’s a Tax, not a Mandate
State Choice in Medicaid Expansion
NY Times Overview
Bloomberg Health Care Blog


**EDIT:  The American Chiropractic Association just released a video…

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