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“I challenge you to find any provider group who’s entirely happy with this bill.”

That was from former legislator, current Director of Healthcare and Family Services, Julie Hamos when asked yesterday in committee whether or not a particular group was now happy with the Medicaid bill. As of last night, the proposed Medicaid package has passed both the House and the Senate and is on its way to the Governor’s desk.

The State’s finances are in a very bad place. This reduction package amounts to some of the largest cuts in the nation, reducing our $14 Billion Medicaid program by $1.4 Billion.  To give some perspective, the largest cut any state has ever made was New York taking out $2 Billion from their Medicaid budget, and they were starting with $54 Billion, not $14 Billion.

All that being said, the Illinois Chiropractic Society disagrees with the state beliefs that eliminating chiropractic will actually be a cost savings at all. We made the argument that patients with musculoskeletal concerns will still seek covered care from another provider type and at a HIGHER cost to the State. In the time that follows implementation of this package, the ICS will gather information and perform studies to demonstrate any cost increases that occur due to our removal.  We are not alone in this line of thought, I know that both mental health advocates, the Dental Society, and proponents of the Illinois Cares Rx Program have already begun discussing similar tactics as well.

Medicaid isn’t the only big item being discussed right now:

  • Pension reform proposals are still being debated.
  • House has passed a reduced gaming bill.
  • Budgets are being reduced for every department, from education to natural resources.
  • General Assembly Scholarship Program has been eliminated.
  • Legislators themselves now have furlough days, eliminated their  COLAs and reduced per diems and expenses.
  • A $1 a pack cigarette tax is being debated.

All in all, it looks as though they plan on hitting their projected May 31st adjournment date.

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  1. May 25, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    We need fewer prisons, not fewer aides for the State’s sick and downtroden. What an embarrassing moment in Illinois History. This is so illogical it defies belief.

    Thank you ICS for trying. We’ve had a bunch of great wins in the last year, but still hate to see this one go into the loss column.

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