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Medicaid Cuts: Chiropractic

Today, two weeks before the scheduled adjournment, the first drafts of new Medicaid language were leaked to the public. Despite all of our best efforts adult chiropractic care, along with many other services, is slated to be cut entirely from the Medicaid budget.  Please continue to contact your legislators and let them know the cost-effectiveness and importance of chiropractic care using this link:  http://www.capwiz.com/ilchiro/issues/alert/?alertid=61303186&type=ST

The Illinois Chiropractic Society did a number of FOIA requests from the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and put together a strong packet of information demonstrating how the inclusion of chiropractic care was the best financial solution for musculoskeletal ailments among Medicaid patients.  The was preceded earlier in the year by more general packets demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic care (including the MERCER report).  We’ve met with key legislators and leadership and even made it the paramount issue of our Lobby Day back in April.  In the end however, along with dental, psychotherapy, inpatient detoxification, limits on eyeglasses, speech, language and hearing therapy services, podiatry (with the exception of diabetes), elective caesarean, occupational and physical therapy, and a multitude of other services, adult chiropractic care looks as though is will be cut from Medicaid for fiscal year 2013.

We will continue to work this issue on your behalf and we will keep you updated when we hear anything more.  Other efforts by the ICS are looking more successful.  The trial lawyers’ personal injury lien bill that we opposed seems to have stalled out.  And we’ve received some strong responses from our doctors regarding excessively high copays (copays that exceed 50% of the total office visit).

If you have not yet contacted your legislator with the link above (originally sent out last Thursday), please take the time to do so.  Thank you doctors, for all that you do.

Our Full Medicaid Packet:
Link to Contact your Legislator:

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