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Physician Fee Increases

Last year, the Department of Professional Regulation presented Senate Bill 1540 to the Statehouse, which both the Illinois Chiropractic Society and the Illinois State Medical Society staunchly opposed.  This bill would have not only doubled our doctors licensing fees, but they would have reduced the cycle from 3 years to 2, which essentially meant that they were tripling the fees (over six years: 2 payments of $100 vs. 3 payments of $200).  We successfully defeated the bill last year, pointing to how in all previous years money had actually been swept (raided) from IDFPR’s fund to go into the Illinois General Revenue.  So they were taking the money from IDFPR and using it to fill holes in our debt.  

This year there are at least two new versions of the bill, but they are no longer shortening the cycle (resulting in 2 payments of $200 over 6 years).  We are still opposed to this increase because the Department isn’t short money because our doctors aren’t paying enough money – it is short money because for years their money had been swept (stolen) into the general fund.  It is not our doctors job to pay for unrelated state budgetary issues.  When that happens, it’s no longer a fee – it’s a tax.

Article in the Crain’s Chicago Business: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20120301/NEWS03/120229743/physicians-fight-proposed-licensing-fee-hike

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