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New Districts and New Legislative Help

The ICS is trying something new this year and has partnered with University of Illinois at Springfield to utilize a political studies graduate student intern to help with the upcoming legislative session. Internet, meet Marie.

There’s already been a bit of confusion regarding the recent redistricting that has taken place, in the upcoming election you will be faced with not only new candidates, but you may find that you’ve been placed in an entirely new district.  I’ll let Marie explain:

It’s that time again, time for legislative redistricting.  As a result of the 2010 census, new district boundaries have been drawn for representative and senate districts at the state and federal levels.  The actual boundaries have shifted and may or may not include portions of the old districts, while some districts have been combined.  District numbers have changed as well.

Some elected officials that have served us, have decided not to seek re-election when faced with the responsibilities of running campaigns in new territories.  Others are familiarizing themselves with their new constituents in preparation for the election.  Information on new districts and local elections can be obtained from your local County Clerk’s office.  The ICS website has links to determine your previous district and to find out your new district and who is running for election there.

– Marie –

To check your CURRENT legislator: http://www.elections.il.gov/DistrictLocator/DistrictOfficialSearchByAddress.aspx

To check your district and candidates for the UPCOMING election and beyond: http://ilchiro.www.capwiz.com/election/home/

For those who are really interested in this sort of thing, someone put together a google map that can show overlays of the previous districts and the new so you can see how they changed: http://scottkennedy.net76.net/mapscompare.html

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  1. January 25, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Thank you. I think that this information is vital for an informed citizenry, especially for our profession. Find these changes distasteful and frequently disenfranchising. I believe that changing boundaries is seldom acceptable except to wage political war on the ‘other’ party. But, since they are a fact of life at least we can know where all the resources are that are for and against us.

    Keepup the good work…p.s., good thinking to get an intern from the college! They did not do much of that when I got my BA in Political Science from NIU last century. 🙂

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