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Help Rescind Scheduled 27% Medicare Fee Cuts Now!

There is always a fear when addressing a recurring problem that you start to sound like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.” In this case however, I promise you that the wolves are very real, and very capable of taking off more than a quarter of your Medicare reimbursements in a single snap of their jaws. The reason that you have seen so much about this over the last year or two is that the problem is never truly dealt with. We are not talking about a vote to slash the schedule – that has already happened. Instead we are trying to prevent the cut from taking effect. In previous months, we have been successful in getting them to simply postpone – sometimes only a month at a time.

The ICS would like to ask its members to support the ACA in their efforts. The American Chiropractic Society is working with concerned groups and lawmakers in Washington on issues which affect Medicare reimbursement…and the timeline for Congress to rescind a scheduled 27.4 percent cut is fast approaching.  This fee cut is due to be applied to all Medicare providers, including doctors of chiropractic, on January 1, 2012, if no Congressional action is taken.

What you need to do: To stop the implementation of these huge reductions, the ACA is working with their allies in Congress to assure they don’t happen.  However, we need your help.   Please click the link below to “Take Action” and create an e‐mail message quickly and easily to send to Capitol Hill and tell Congress to block the implementation of these drastic fee cuts.


Congress needs to hear that these cuts will pose serious consequences to both Medicare providers and patients!  Please take action TODAY!

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