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An ACA Shout-out and PAC Raffle

The latest newsletter from the American Chiropractic Association gave the ICS a nod with regards to recent legislation passed in Illinois:

Major Win For Illinois Chiropractic Society

Post-payment audits and subsequent payment recoupments have been a growing concern of the chiropractic profession over the past few years. The Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) along with many other health care provider groups (dental association, surgical assistant association, medical Association, AARP and many others) in Illinois proposed legislation limiting the period of time insurers can recoup funds for claims already paid. In the latest legislative session, Governor Pat Quinn (D-Ill.), signed into law H.B. 1193, a bill which prohibits insurers from recouping funds from healthcare providers beyond 18 months from the date a claim was paid. Exceptions to the 18-month limit are in cases of proven fraud, double payments, or for claims involving CHIP plans.

The law will become fully implemented and enforceable Jan. 1, 2012, to allow insurers and others to transition this new law into health plans and provider agreements. ACA encourages other states without a similar law in place to follow this example and work with other provider groups to enact similar legislation. Congratulations to the ICS and the chiropractic physicians in Illinois!

Also, with the Chicago National Convention only three weeks away, I have started to accumulate fundraising items for our Political Action Committee (PAC).  Our PAC makes contributions to legislators and allows me to send our doctors to a variety of legislative events around the state.  Aside from the wealth of goods donated to us from some of our vendors this year we will also have a few other exciting items available.  We recently received a brand new Amazon Kindle to add to the raffle and we also have some memorabilia regarding the recent passage of our Oxygen/Scope bill that will be for auction and for sale.   If you haven’t signed up for the Chicago National Convention yet, please do so if you are able.  There will be national speakers, exciting new exhibitors, and an opportunity for up to 17 hours of CAT I CME.  With over 100 doctors signed up already it looks as if it will be another great Convention!

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