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Exchange is in the Air

You may have heard us talk about the State Healthcare Exchange Programs, one of our coalition members put up a good summary over at http://illinoishealthmatters.blogspot.com/
After months of negotiation, Governor Quinn on Friday signed SB 1555, the piece of legislation that will establish the Illinois Health Benefits Exchange. The bill’s passage marks a tremendous step in moving forward the Affordable Care Act in Illinois.

That’s because the new law (known as Public Act 097-0142) will make Illinois the 13th state to begin to build a health benefit exchange, which is the cornerstone of healthcare reform. An exchange – also known as a competitive healthcare marketplace – will primarily let individuals and employees of small businesses shop for a range of affordable health insurance choices, and will give lower and middle-income uninsured Americans more affordable insurance options.

How will exchanges work?
Consumers will shop online on a website that will look similar to Consumer Reports or Travelocity. They’ll have access to easy-to-understand information to make real comparisons between plans so they can find the one that best meets their needs and budget. The site will be closely monitored to prevent fraud and protect consumers, and members of Congress also will be required to get their insurance through this marketplace—giving them the same options as millions of Americans for the first time ever.

An exchange will give Illinois consumers more control, quality choices, and better protections when purchasing insurance for themselves, their families and their small businesses. This is definitely a step forward for Illinois consumers.  (read more)
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