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Work Comp, Blago, and More

Workers’ Compensation Bill Signed Into Law
From the Chicago Tribune:

Gov. Pat Quinn signed an overhaul of the state’s workers compensation system into law Tuesday, saying the measure is vital to improve the economy in Illinois.

The changes include slashing medical rates, setting new standards for determining a worker’s disability and puts in place safeguards aimed at preventing abuses. The legislation is the result of tense negotiations between Quinn’s office, buisness groups, unions, doctors and trial attorneys. Support for the new law is fractured, but negotiators say that proves all interest groups were ask for sacrifices in order to bring about change.  (Read More)

Oxygen/Scope Bill has moved to the Governor’s Office
He still has 60 days to sign the bill, but since the bill did formally move I know that many of you would like to be notified.  I am contacting the Governor’s office to let them know that we’d like a signing photo for our statewide magazine, hopefully that will help move things along.

Blagojevich Convicted on 17/20 Counts
Although the sentencing that will take place later this year could give him up to 300 years in prison, some experts reasonably expect 10 years (give or take).  In short, he was found guilty on almost all counts.  If you want to see a specific breakdown, refer here.

On A Final Solemn Note
The wife of imprisoned former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, Lura Lynn Ryan, has passed away after her battle with lung cancer.  Her obituary may be found here.

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  1. July 6, 2011 at 8:48 am

    How’s the photo-op and O2 Bill doing? Not that I’m being pushy, or anything!

    • July 6, 2011 at 11:47 am

      Doctor? You, pushy? Never! =)

      But there’s really nothing more to do at this point. His staff knows that we’d like to feature it in our next Journal, but other than that our 2 bills are with several hundred others stacked on his desk for his review and approval. At this point we’re just waiting…

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