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Where’s the Signature?

I know some of our doctors are eagerly awaiting the Governor to sign our bills.  You can actually check the bill status here: Oxygen, Recoupments, Work Comp.  As of right now the most recent action on all of them is “Passed Both Houses.”  After that you will want to look for the following:

Sent to the Governor
Governor Approved
Effective Date _____
Public Act . . . . ____

At that point these bills are officially law (minding the given effective date).  The entire process can take up to 90 days, and just in case you were worried that ours is the only one not being signed yet:

          Introduced   Passed    Public   Total   Amend
                                 Both       Acts      Veto     Veto
HBs      3,792              407         6            0          0
SBs       2,486             232         7             0          1   
Total    6,278              639        13            0          1


Illinois is using some of its rainy day money to close to 2-billion dollars in Medicaid payments by the end of the month.  (read more)
The Importance of  Allowing Young Adults to Keep Family Insurance (read more)
Illinois Takes Slow Approach on Health Exchange* (read more)

*The ICS is part of the “Consumer Advocate” group mentioned in the article.  We have a conference call today and I will be attending a meeting  in Chicago on Monday to discuss our next plan of action with regards to Illinois’s implementation of the new national health care plan.

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