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The Governor Initiative

The Stack SB1843: Oxygen/Scope Bill.  This was a bill that had intense opposition early on from the Medical Society, but they were willing to work with us to get language we could all live with.  After two months of negotiations we had an “agreed-to bill” and our new scope legislation flew through each committee and floor vote–up until the very last vote.  With less than two weeks to go we started receiving national attention from a variety of chiropractic groups who were putting out a large amount of incorrect information about our bill, ranging from it being written by Dr. Winterstein at National University of Health Sciences, to it was establishing an advance practice degree which allowed prescription medications (like in New Mexico).  This came a head two days before the final deadline when 2 Representatives asked to hold our bill on behalf of these groups.

The ICS has been busy trying to straighten out some of the confusion that arose regarding this bill and things have been progressing fairly well.  A letter writing campaign was launched by the opposition to get the Governor to veto our bill.  They actually referred to the ICS as a “fringe element” within the profession, so in response we were forced to ask a few Illinois chiropractors to help us out with our our our letter writing campaign.  This was our stack of more than 500 letters topped off with our own position paper regarding SB1843 and delivered to the Governor yesterday.  Our doctor letters were alphabetized, checked for duplicates, notated and flagged.  We also removed any letters from doctors outside of Illinois because the Governor’s office doesn’t typically concern itself with input from other states.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to send their letter to our office.  We will keep you updated to any further developments regarding our legislation.

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