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Rough Work Comp Review

It is amazing that session is officially over yet my hands seem to be just as full as before.  We have some of our resources split working on a variety of legislative issues at the ICS, but one thing I know that is on a lot of people’s mind is the new Workers’ Compensation law.  Think of this as your 10,000 foot flyby.  You can certain expect to see more coming from the ICS explaining how this will impact your practices.  I have already started hear some misinformation spreading and I simply wanted to sketch some of it out for you here.

This is no small change to the Workers’ Comp system in Illinois, this is in fact an overhaul of the system.  Some of the changes involve:

  • 30% cut to fee schedule
  • Consolidation of the geographic regions
  • Wage differential award restrictions
  • Establishment of a workers’ comp PPO
  • Single choice of physician when opting out of above PPO
  • Changes to the utilization review system
  • Denials based on intoxication
  • Utilization of AMA Guides
  • Reduction in carpal tunnel awards
  • Collectively bargained work comp pilot program
  • Standards of compensability
  • Termination of all current arbitrators, new hires must be lawyers
  • Shorter terms for arbitrators, randomization of assignments, forced rotation
  • Training and continuing education for all arbitrators & commissioners
  • Workers’ compensation insurance for state employees
  • Reporting requirements for Dept of Insurance and Work Comp Fraud Unit
  • Numerous fraud investigation/classification changes
  • Electronic billing requirements
  • Interest penalties for late payments to providers
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  1. Dr. Linda ehlers
    June 14, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    Ten days without any feedback from Springfield. Rob, What’s going on?

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