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And this is why we don’t speculate

To the surprise of many, the Workers’ Compensation Reform package failed yesterday on the House floor with a vote of 55-39-19.  This was 5 votes shy of the required number and many believe the bill failed due to the efforts of the medical community and the wavering support of the business groups.  Many legislators were unwilling to go against the overwhelming opposition by the medical groups when their own business supporters were still unsatisfied.  From Statehouse politico Rich Miller:

The House Republicans surprised many by making no attempt whatsoever to even try and hide their real motives for voting lockstep against the workers’ comp reform bill. Simply put, the proposal harmed the interests of the Illinois State Medical Society by mandating a 30 percent cut in medical reimbursement rates. Republican after Republican rose during debate to decry the proposed medical reimbursement cuts. The docs historically have given a ton of campaign cash to the House Republicans, and the HGOPs were clearly angry that the Medical Society and their own negotiators were cut out of the homestretch dealmaking. If the Dems reduced the cuts down to the Medical Society-approved 20 percent level, the Republicans more than implied, and there’d be a deal.

More information from the Statehouse News:  There’s Still the Nuclear Option

There are not many groups that actually support the idea of throwing out the entire system. Since I’m no longer the guessing type I’m not going to say that I’m hopeful that the nuclear option will fail as well.  Either way, no one is entirely sure where we go from here.

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