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Unprecedented Cooperation

I just submitted language to the Legislative Research Bureau that removes the opposition of The Chamber of Commerce, Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, The Retail Merchants Association, and the Manufacturers Association regarding our recoupment bill.  This may not result in an entirely agreed-to bill, but we worked out the majority of the issues.  We will add the amendment and call the bill for a vote in the Senate next week.  After that it goes back to the House of Representatives for them to concur with the newest changes, and then it goes to the Governor.

Our Oxygen bill is not being called this week due to the focus in the House on the budget, but it is ready to go.  We are hoping for a vote next week on that as well.  The Illinois State Medical Society and the Department of Professional Regulation have already signed off on our bill – so we have agreement there as well.

And finally, and perhaps most remarkably, the House Democrats and Republicans seemed to have worked together to produce a budget. I’ll let Speaker Madigan explain:

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