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Getting Positive Feedback Regarding Recoupments

Thanks in no small part to the efforts of those doctors who made the trip down to Springfield yesterday, we’ve established quite a bit of support for our recoupment bill.  Wednesday we had doctors meeting their legislators in person here in Springfield.  Today we are having doctors from all over the state call specific Senators to help ensure passage out of committee (deadline May 13th).  Very soon we will be engaging all doctors to put pressure on every Senator for the full floor vote (deadline May 27th).  We will also be leaning on our other healthcare provider groups to mobilize their membership as well.  We have almost every insurance company and business group actively fighting us on this issue, but things are looking good for us so far.  And in this matter, what’s good for us – is good for our patients and good for Illinois.

In other news, both conceal and carry & medical marijuana failed to get the required number of votes yesterday.  Still no official word on a new workers compensation reform proposal.  The only thing I have heard is that neither the business groups or the medical community has budged during “negotiations.”  The businesses still want the patients to have to prove the injury happened at work (causation) and they believe that the businesses should be able to choose the treating physician.  And it is no surprise that we find these terms unacceptable.

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