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Branching Out

Tomorrow the House comes back to Springfield after being in their district all last week, but the Senate still has another week away.  I will be using that time to connect with our new House Sponsor for our oxygen bill and begin educating the House members on our bills importance.  I thought I’d take a moment however to speak on a few issues that I may not normally cover.

Medical Marijuana
Rep. Lou Lang has been bringing this bill before the Statehouse for years – and often, he’s gotten pretty close to getting it passed.  Well, he may have just gotten the nudge he needed – Minority Leader Tom Cross has just agreed to support Lang’s most recent bill, HB30.  The support of the head of the Republican Party in the House chambers might just be enough to give cover to a few extra votes that were previously on the fence with the issue.  I’m sure we’ll see more about this in the headlines over the next month.

IL Not Going Soft on Drugs Though
Don’t think that Illinois is just throwing all of it’s drug related caution into the wind however.  With a new ruling from the Illinois Supreme Court, if you get behind the wheel with traces of illegal drugs in your body, you potentially could face a prison sentence.

Blagojevich Update: Too good not to share

The attorneys also asked judge James Zagel to bar testimony about the former governor’s work habits; specifically, his penchant for staying away from his official offices in Springfield and Chicago.

“This conduct is not illegal, but it is highly inflammatory and prejudicial,” the lawyers write. As examples, they cited testimony of former deputy governor Bob Greenlee, that Blagojevich was at the office as little as six to eight hours a week, and that he once avoided meeting with his finance chief by hiding in a bathroom.

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