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Sex Offender Legislation

One of the other hot issues at the Statehouse this session is that of sexual assault by licensed providers in Illinois.  This issue has received a large amount of coverage by the Chicago Tribune and other media outlets, so when there were 5 different bills at the Statehouse this year trying to deal with the issue, everyone knew that something was going to pass.  In the opinion of many of the provider groups, the early bills went to far and immediately suspended the license of any individual who was accused of a sexual assault.  Needless to say, taking away a provider’s livelihood on a simple accusation was not something that we could support.

Another bill was identified instead which automatically and permanently revokes the license of any health care professional who has been convicted of a sex offense or criminal battery.  This language intends to protect patient safety while ensuring that proper due process is given to those health care workers that have had charges filed against them.  There are three seperate bills remaining, but they have been amended to contain the more agreeable provisions just mentioned: House Bill 1271 (Rep. William Burns (D-Chicago)), Senate Bill 1762 (Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Westmont)) and House Bill 220 (Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo).

All of these bills have moved to their second chamber and we fully expect one of them to pass and be signed by the Governor in the upcoming months.

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