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What you can do…

2011 Capitol Conference

Most chiropractors want to get involved and take a more active role in shaping their profession, but they either don’t know how, or don’t believe have the time. This is what the ICS Capitol Conference (CapCon) is all about! We arm you with the tools and step you through the process of creating your own change at the Illinois Statehouse. Nothing can replace the impact of putting 3 or 4 of our doctors in front of a legislator and saying: “Senator, these are your constituents and this is what’s important.”

CapCon is a day when you have an opportunity to meet with your Senator and your Representatives, and communicate directly with them in regard to the critical issues that impact chiropractic. We have two ICS initiated pieces of legislation still alive at the Statehouse that I will send out information on in a week or so for you to look over (summaries less than 1 page each). It is an opportunity to thank the legislators who supported our issues, and ask those who have not yet voted for our bills to please do so. Chiropractors are developing a notable Statehouse presence and CapCon helps to reinforce that. Strong lobby days elevate our status in the eyes of legislators since our docs care enough to come to Springfield to stand up for their profession.

The Third Annual Illinois Chiropractic Society grassroots lobby day is scheduled for May 4, 2011. This action-packed day in Springfield will include: a luncheon consisting of an up to the minute briefing on ICS’s legislative agenda and other health care related issues; hands on lobbying at the State Capitol; and group meetings with important Illinois officials. In addition, the ICS will host a fabulous legislative reception with lawmakers, legislative staff and friends of the chiropractic profession!  Sign up today!

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