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A Deadline Week Recap

This Friday marks the deadline for any bills to get out of their chamber of origin.  That means any House bills must pass to the Senate and vice verse or else the bill is dead.  To let you know where things stand right now:

HB1193: Our Recoupment Bill
The ICS testified against the insurance companies and business groups this week and was able to get our insurance recoupment reform bill out of House Insurance committee late on Monday night.  It is now waiting its turn for a vote on the house floor.

SB1843: Our Oxygen Bill
We just picked up a new co-sponsor yesterday (Sen. Mattie Hunter) for our bill and it is expected to be heard on the Senate floor any day now.  We have already taken care of all the opposition.  The Medical Society and the Department has signed off on our bill.

SB1540: Medical Practice Act Clean Up (including our Oxygen Bill)
The Department of Professional Regulation’s MPA bill was gutted and replaced with the Medical Society’s own language.  The ICS supports the Medical Society’s bill and the Meds have included our language from SB1843 in their bill as well.  It is waiting to be called for a vote before the full Senate.

Workers’ Compensation:
No one is certain what the plans are for Work Comp just yet.  The ICS is working to push back against any changes that are unacceptable to our doctors.  Tomorrow at 9:45 two of the Workers’ Comp bills will be heard in Senate Executive committee, so hopefully we will know tomorrow morning.  We are handing out the following information to our legislators regarding this issue:

SB 1349, SB 1422, AND HB 2602

SB 1349, SB 1422, and HB 2602 make excessive and overly broad changes to Illinois’ workers’ compensation system that, among many other things:

  • Remove an injured worker’s right to choose his or her own physician and coerce injured workers to undergo treatments that may not be in their best interest.
  • Eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions that will result in the denial of legitimate claims, shifting costs to other payers.
  • Reduce the medical fee schedule by 30%, impairing access to care for injured workers.
  • Encourage employers to fire injured workers.
  • Eliminate the confidentiality of the patient-physician privilege.
  • Impose utilization review standards and treatment guidelines that will deny appropriate and necessary care.

Workers’ compensation is a complex system that should not be altered without careful deliberation.

Finally, here’s Rep. John Bradley talking about his proposal to do away with Workers’ Compensation altogether:

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