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Call for Action

The following call to action has been emailed to all chiropractic physicians and students in Illinois.  Take a moment to act now!  Just today they put our recoupment amendment in House Insurance which meets at 6:00pm tonight.  Our bill must go to a vote before the entire House floor by Friday.  Please use the following link to let your State Representative know that insurance companies are going too far with their recoupment efforts and something must be done!  http://www.capwiz.com/ilchiro/issues/alert/?alertid=41011516&type=ST

Doctors, help us stop insurance companies from taking your money!  Recoupments are a collection of money previously paid, and Illinois currently has no time limit on how long an insurer may go back and recoup money for services you have already performed.  We have had doctors call our offices reporting recoupment requests spanning more than eight years and reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The Illinois Chiropractic Society introduced House Bill 1193 to limit recoupment demands from insurers to eighteen months from the date of payment.  Our bill has the support of 23 other groups ranging from the Illinois State Medical Society to AARP.   House Bill 1193 is expected to be called for a vote on the House floor this week, so please take a moment and contact your State Representative today!

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