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Workers’ Comp Rumors around the Rail

The rail is the Statehouse term for the railing outside the House and Senate chambers where we lobbyists stalk wait to speak to legislators about our respective issues.  This can result in a lot of side conversations and speculations about what might be going on behind closed doors.  One of the big topics of conversation recently is centered around Workers’ Compensation.  This is a major issue for businesses (IL has some of the highest WC costs in the country), doctors and lawyers (who handle a lot of WC business), unions (representing the rights of injured workers), and of course the State (with all it’s state employees, is a business onto itself).

Doctors, lawyers and unions represent some of the largest interest groups in the state, so when an issue like Workers’ Comp manages to unite all of them together its hard to pass any changes.  This brings us to the speculation and rumor mill that springs up outside our hallowed chambers.  No one is certain how serious Rep. John Bradley’s bill is to do away with Workers’ Compensation altogether in Illinois.  It became even more noteworthy when Senate President John Cullerton set himself up to take the bill once it reached the Senate.  It could just mean that the Senate President wants to be able to control this bill personally and kill it if he wants.  Or, there’s another theory out there that President Cullerton wants to pass this bill very quickly and have it sitting on the Governors Desk in order to force the businesses and docs/lawyers/unions to sit down and work out a bill.  The threat is, “Solve this yourselves or else we’ve got Plan B ready to be signed by the Governor.”  Again, these are rumors…

Sen. McCarter’s (the business) workers’ comp reform bill is here. Rep. Bradley’s (eliminate WC) bill is here.

Governor Quinn’s office is handing out the following information comparing Illinois’ workers’ compensation rates to other states:

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