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Workers’ Comp: To be, or not to be…

Previously, I mentioned that there were Workers’ Compensation Reform bills currently in the Senate but they didn’t have the votes to go anywhere. Rumor is that these bills were designed to give the Dems something to point at and say “Sure, you don’t love our bill, but it’s better than your alternative.”  The problem with this strategy is that you actually need a bill to call your own, and the Democratic legislative leaders have yet to produce one.  Governor Quinn recently released his version of Workers’ Compensation Reform which would cut 500 million from the 3 billion dollar program.  This cut would result from a steep 30% fee schedule cut in physician schedules.  Not only does the Governor’s proposal still face strong opposition from the medical community, lawyers and unions, but it doesn’t seem to have strong support from the Democratic leadership.

Representative John Bradley was the sponsor of the Workers’ Compensation bill a few months ago and everyone was expecting to see the majority party’s official language to be filed by him.  Rep. Bradley however said that he didn’t see that either side was willing to work together and so he introduced an amendment which would eliminate the workers’ compensation system altogether by next January 1st.  “There’s no other way to give them causation than to put [the cases] in circuit court,” Rep. Bradley said.  “If you don’t want to have a no-fault system, fine, put it in the circuit court.”

Clearly there is still no agreement on the best way to handle our Workers’ Comp situation but the ICS will be sure to stand with our allies and fight for the rights of both our physicians and your patients.  I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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