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Herding Cats

Herding cats is a very popular phrase at the Statehouse. Although various groups work together on a variety of issues, everyone has their own agenda and in the end is looking out for their own client first and foremost. When the negotiating is less than perfectly smooth others start pushing to abandon negotiations, get a different sponsor, run our original bill because the other side is just stalling, accept whatever they’re offering because it the best we’re going to get, drop our language in the other chamber, and every other scenario imaginable.

Since the recoupment bill is our bill, we have to make sure we hold our coalition together throughout the negotiation process. Also, we have to constantly and publicly remind those whose opposition we’ve removed that they their issues have been addressed already and we’re moving on.

Some people say that the legislative process can be like juggling with far too many balls in the air. But these balls tend to have a mind of their own, don’t listen well and want to just wander away from you. That’s why we use the cat metaphor.

Our we’ve almost removed all the major opposition to our recoupment bill but time is starting to run out. We have to call it for a vote within the next two weeks and if we can resolve these last few issues it will be a easy vote. If not, we are ready for a fight. We’ll keep you updated.

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