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Back From Their “Break”

The Legislature just came back into Session today after their 1 week Spring Break.  This is typically time they spend back in their home districts doing various events (signings, openings, brunches) and everyone else reorganizes their priorities after a overcoming the first big deadline at the Statehouse.  Bills had to get out of their respective committees last week or else try again next year.  Rumor has it, about 2000 bills have dropped to the wayside, which is both a blessing and a curse.  We may have fewer bills to watch, but the more that drop away, the more focused and aggressive efforts become on those that remain.

This morning kicked off with a 9:00 am meeting of primarily business interests where a number of health care related bills were discussed – Workers Compensation Reform always being the bill on everyone’s mind.  This is even more true now, with the recent “leak” last week that other states are trying to lure Caterpiller out of Illinois in light of recent tax hikes and reportedly the highest Workers Compensation costs in the country.  Last roll calls indicate that the business’s Workers Compensation bill (SB1349) still doesn’t have enough votes, but the pressure is growing.  Everyone is also expecting to see a draft of a Worker’s Compensation come from the Legislative Leadership soon. Although it is doubtful that it is something we will like, it is expected to be more health care provider friendly than the bill currently on the Senate Floor.  We will keep you updated.

Both chambers came in at noon today and at 1:30 this afternoon the two Medical Practice Act rewrites will be heard in Senate Judiciary Committee.

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